Doja Cat SZA Kiss Me More Video
Doja Cat SZA Kiss Me More Video
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Doja Cat and SZA Are Otherworldly Creatures in New "Kiss Me More" Video

On the new single "Kiss Me More," Doja Cat shared, "“I wanted to make a song about kissing. That doesn’t happen too often."

Late Thursday night Doja Cat released her new single featuring SZA, “Kiss Me More.”

The duo is a match made in pop heaven. The track is a smooth listen, but the video is a dreamy break from quarantine and at-home sheltering. Throughout it, both artists appear as alien-like creatures luring a human to their quarters on the futuristic planet they live on.

In a new interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Doja Cat opens up about creating the song which is the first single off of her forthcoming album, Planet Her. “I wanted to make a song about kissing.” She adds, “That doesn’t happen too often, but just a song that’s solely about kissing. So I started there and then [SZA] took it to like a deeper level.” 

Not too long ago in a talent on talent interview for her otherworldly V Magazine cover, SZA gushed about Doja’s ability to create music that doesn’t just live in one genre:

“You make music in all these other realms and make it sound like it touched my inner mind and spirit. It’s like, you’re exactly who I needed when I was in high school [and] college. I just wanted to feel like it’s OK to be an individual that isn’t really planted but is highly mutable and superfluid. Working with you was literally my dream.”

During that same conversation, Doja also shared her thoughts on working with SZA. “It’s people that I respect and I’m extremely excited about having on the album and it’s a full-circle moment for me, basically,” she said. “Just knowing that I have you on it is just sexy. It’s perfect. I feel confident.”

Releasing “Kiss Me More” after her Grammy performance of her acclaimed single, “Say So” feels a bit contrived rather than spontaneous like her "Streets" release but we’re here for it.

Planet Her, Doja Cat's next album will be arriving sometime this summer. Watch the "Kiss Me More" video below.