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Watch Brandy’s “Baby Mama” Music Video Featuring Chance the Rapper

Watch Brandy’s “Baby Mama” Music Video Featuring Chance the Rapper

Brandy Chance The Rapper Baby Mama Music Video
Photo Credit: YouTube

The legendary singer dropped the track to celebrate mothers and her daughter Sy’rai.

Brandy has officially dropped the music video for her latest single featuring Chance the Rapper, “Baby Mama.”

The last time the Grammy-winning singer released a solo track was 2019’s “Freedom Rings.” In a recent interview with SiriusXM’s Laura Coates per Complex the singer-songwriter shared that the Hit-Boy produced track is about celebrating mothers “who are out there doing their best for their children and striving in their independence, in their strength, in their power,” she said. 

In the colorful visual, Brandy appears alongside a crew of dancers. At one point in the clip, she’s joined by Chance the Rapper who appears in a vintage car.  The chorus also pays tribute to her daughter Sy’rai, during that portion she declares: “Whole world looking at me single mama / This song ain’t just for me, it’s for every mama / Every day I breathe it’s for my little mama / I’m every woman and a baby mama.”

Brandy is currently gearing up to unveil her seventh studio album, this release would follow her most recent full-length project, Two Eleven (2012). She added in her latest interview that she’d dedicated the last couple years of her life to new music. “It’s taken me a while, but I’m so happy about the focus and the work ethic that I’ve put into this project.”

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Watch Brandy’s “Baby Mama” music video featuring Chance the Rapper below.


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