Best East Coast Hip-Hop Videos To Drop Last Week: Benny The Butcher, Wiki & Kenzo B

Benny The Butcher, Wiki and Kenzo B share new videos that caught our attention last week.

Benny The Butcher releases a video for his single "Thowy's Revenge" off of Tana Talk 4.

Wiki shares a video for his new track "The Fonz" produced by Subjxct 5.

And Kenzo B. kicks off her new era with a video for "The Facts" featuring Young Devyn.

Benny The Butcher – “Thowy’s Revenge”

Max Toshiro directs Benny The Butcher's video for his single "Thowy's Revenge." Fans are given a look at the rapper's travels in  Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, and Paris. There a few genuinely interesting moments in the visual, one, in particular, is the stage view of Benny The Butcher's viewpoint from the stage at his Paris show. When he's walking the streets of Paris and these shots are juxtaposed alongside a club scene, the meshing of these two timelines is notable.

Wiki, Subjxct 5 – “The Fonz”

Wiki, an Okayplayer staple returns and shares "The Fonz." New York plays a role as a character in the visual for this easygoing single. Much of the video emphasizes Wiki's wordplay. At one point The World Trade Center sticks out in the New York City skyline, and that was a stunning shot.  Including Subjxct 5, the track's producer throughout the clip was a nice touch too.

Kenzo B, Young Devyn – “The Facts”

Bronx-bred rapper Kenzo B caught our attention with the energetic track "The Facts" featuring Young Devyn. She recently signed a joint deal with French Montana's Coke Boys and Warner Records. The track is filled with an infectious beat that injects a bit of excitement that the female rap realm needs right now. Since drill music is still having a moment it's refreshing to see two women share their take on the growing sub-genre. Young Devyn absolutely annihilates her verse and her delivery adds to the appeal of the track. She's also a newcomer that we've been attention to in recent months.