Alycia Bella Cue The Sun Video
Alycia Bella Cue The Sun Video
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Rising Singer Alycia Bella Reimagines 'The Truman Show' in "Cue The Sun" Video

The dreamy new single is equipped with a feature by Compton-bred rapper Boogie.

California-based singer Alycia Bella has unveiled her latest creative venture, a music video to a new single “Cue The Sun.”

As a self-professed Jim Carrey fan, Alycia chose to reimagine one of Carrey’s most distinct films The Truman Show for the visual. For the majority of the clip, she appears alone exploring a surreal town. Then the screen is peeled down and Boogie appears to share his fitting verses. To some, the video may appear as simplistic, but in total it presents her commanding presence in a unique light.

The track is equal parts lush as it is soft, on it, the singer-songwriter’s voice glistens over the easygoing beat. “It feels like being lost in the right direction,” which Bella sings gently in the opening lines is a premise that’s explored in the song. Bella floats effortlessly while she expresses her inner thoughts from the beginning of the airy track to the end.

Originally from the Bay, the emerging songbird grew up listening to old-school R&B and soul. In an email ahead of the premiere of "Cue The Sun," Alycia shared where she pulls inspiration from. “My mom had five sisters, and they formed a singing group back in the ‘70s [they were] definitely on their Motown vibes. By default that’s a heavy influence when I'm creating."

Bella immersed herself in music at a young age, creating mixtapes years ago with friends was something she once enjoyed. Eventually, her love for music led her to connect with an industry insider. This chance meeting granted her the opportunity to work with Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, and The Dream.

The soulful inclinations of the ‘70s are definitely heard in Bella’s expansive sound. Yet, there’s also a modern touch that undoubtedly stems from her affinity for classic singers. She admires Aaliyah’s innovative ways and looks to Sade for inspiration because of her timelessness. She also looks to John Mayer and his songwriting as a source of inspiration.

There's also a hint of contemporary neo-soul lurking beneath "Cue The Sun," it's also present in her recently released single "Seasons." It's worth noting that Bella is managed by LVRN, we believe she's in good hands as the company has been responsible for the success of Summer Walker, 6LACK and countless others. 

Watch Alycia Bella's "Cue The Sun" video below.