Watch Killer Mike & DJ Envy Have a Spirited Argument About Public Education on ‘The Breakfast Club’

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Killer Mike & DJ Envy Argue About Public Education on the Breakfast Club
Source: The Breakfast Club
Killer Mike & DJ Envy Argue About Public Education on the Breakfast Club

Source: The Breakfast Club

Killer Mike and DJ Envy had an interesting back and forth.

On Thursday (January 31st) morning Killer Mike appeared on The Breakfast Club. What started as a plug for his new Netflix show, Trigger Warning, quickly turned into a spirited debate with Breakfast Club host DJ Envy.

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The moment comes around the 31-minute mark when Killer Mike starts talking about public school education. In the interview, Killer Mike revealed that he sends his kids to public school. He then said:

What I like to tell black people is… in places that are hostile to Black people — you should not send your children to school with white children until they are 13 years old…If you look at other ethnic communities they keep the child isolated until they are about 13/14 then they have a ceremony and send them off.

DJ Envy sends his kids to private school. And he disagreed with Killer Mike’s views. Envy mentioned that fact that sending his kids to private school gives them an advantage that public school kids wouldn’t have. (At one point he mentioned that his daughter’s school was teaching her business.) The two had numerous back and forths. At one point, Mike said “If you are in an area where your children are being treated hostilely. You a rich nigga. You got white folk’s money.” Envy responded by saying “My kids have been called ‘niggas.’ It’s been hostile.”

Killer Mike said: “Being called ‘niggaa’ when your dad got a Ferrari just don’t hurt as much.”

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It was definitely an interesting back and forth. Here are some highlights:

Watch the entire interview below.

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