LeBron James Won’t Waive No-Trade Clause For Cavaliers
LeBron James Won’t Waive No-Trade Clause For Cavaliers
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LeBron James Becomes the Youngest Player in NBA History to Score 29,000 Points

Will LeBron one day be the GOAT?

Fifteen years in, and LeBron James is still the best basketball player in the world.

On friday night, LeBron, at the age of 32, became the youngest player to surpass the 29,000 career points mark. He met the mark on a dunk in the first quarter against the Washington Wizards, breaking Kobe Bryant's record in the process.

29,000 points.

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LeBron reached the benchmark at 32 years and 309 days, while Kobe reached his mark at 33 years and 199 days. LeBron is only the seventh player in league history to reach the mark, joining players likeKareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone,Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan,Wilt Chamberlain, andDirk Nowitzki.

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Abdul-Jabbar currently holds the NBA record for points scored with 38,387. LeBron is only 9,000 points behind Abdul Jabbar. To put it in some context, LeBron scored 1,954 points last year.

As for Friday night's game, it was an all timer for LeBron. The Cleveland Cavaliers forward scored a franchise-record-tying 57-points against the Wizards, in Washington. His performance helped the Cavs secure a 130-122 win over the Wizards.

It is the 11th time LeBron has scored more than 50 points in a game.

Source: CBS