Kawhi Leonard is Trying to Trademark His "What it Do Baby" Phrase

Kawhi Leonard is Trying to Trademark His "What it Do Baby" Phrase

Memes Rule Everything Around Me: Kawhi Leonard "What It Do, Baby," Upset Courtside Drake & More

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The Clippers star also filed for the rights to use the phrase “City Views Over Interviews” in his New Balance line.

According to DC trademark lawyer Josh Gerben, Kawhi Leonard is trying to cash in on a viral catchphrase.

On Monday, Gerben tweeted a screen recording of the United States Patent Office website. In the video, he explains Leonard’s company filed for two trademarks this past Wednesday: one for “what it do baby,” another for “city views over interviews.” Gerben went on to explain the nature of the filing, stating Leonard plans to use the phrase to sell clothing, presumably in his New Balance signature line.

 Leonard made the phrase viral in an Instagram post during the Toronto Raptors’ championship parade this past June.


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After the parade, Leonard signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. Earlier this year, crosstown rival LeBron James unsuccessfully tried to trademark his own “Taco Tuesday” catchphrase.

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