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The Internet is Begging ESPN to Release Its 10-Part Michael Jordan Documentary Early

As of now, the documentary will arrive in June.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the sports world by storm. Fans are coping with the suspended NBA season, as well as delayed MLB spring training and NCAA tournaments. Nearly every league worldwide has postponed activities until further notice.

In the meantime, fans are clamoring for any new material. In the wake of the NBA's suspended season, they're specifically asking ESPN for a favor. Back in 2018, ESPN released the trailer for The Last Dance, a 10-part documentary featuring never-before-seen footage of the Chicago Bulls dynasty.

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The Last Dance features a full contribution from His Airness, as well as his contemporaries. Charles Barkley, Dikembe Mutombo, Patrick Ewing, and more appear in the two official trailers. The original release date would coincide with the NBA Finals, but with the schedule completely altered, circumstances have changed.

The widespread demand may just pay off. On Monday afternoon, Ben Koo of Awful Announcing spotted that ESPN's airdate info for the documentary now states that it's 'coming soon,' as opposed to the original 'airing in June.' With the Finals re-scheduled for sometime in August at best, maybe the network decided to try and stop the bleeding.

As Koo ponders in his report, the only concern now is the documentary's impending release schedule. Would they air weekly, or once a night for a two-week special feature? If suspicions are correct, the sports world will know sooner rather than later.