Ex-Commissioner David Stern Says Medical Marijuana Should Be Allowed in NBA

Ex-Commissioner David Stern Says Medical Marijuana Should Be Allowed in NBA

Former Commissioner David Stern: Medical marijuana should be removed from banned list

Source: YouTube

Is current commissioner Adam Silver listening?

David Stern was the commissioner of the NBA for 30 years. During his long, legendary stint, Stern had a strict no drugs policy. However, there is now more information out — particularly about medical marijuana — and his views have changed.

NBA player turned cannabis entrepreneur Al Harrington produced a documentary about the medical marijuana industry for UNINTERRUPTED. In the feature, Harrington sat down with Stern to talk about the ex-commissioner’s views on marijuana and where he stands now.

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During the interview, Stern acknowledged that the NBA rules should be changed:

“I’m now at the point where, personally, I think [marijuana] probably should be removed from the ban list…I think there is universal agreement that marijuana for medical purposes should be completely legal.”

Harrington responded by saying:

“I think it’s that big. Not only the players, but I think coaches consume, I think the owners consume. I think in sports it’s very prevalent and it’s right there.”

Harrington said he believes that about 70 percent of players use marijuana.

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Stern believes that marijuana use in the NBA is something that should be collectively bargained, in particular for players who live in states where marijuana is legal already:

“I think we have to change the collective bargaining agreement and let you do what is legal in your state…If marijuana is now in the process of being legalized, I think you should be allowed to do what’s legal in your state.”

NBA beat reporter Jeff Zillgitt, of USA Today, got a statement from league spokesperson Mike Bass. It seems like the league is standing firm:

In June, Portland Trailblazers guard CJ McCollum interviewed current commissioner Adam Silver. He asked Sliver about marijuana use in the NBA, Silver said:

“I don’t see the need for any changes right now,” Silver said. “I mean, it’s legal in certain states. But as you know, our players are constantly traveling, and it might be a bit of a trap to say we’re going to legalize it in these states, but no, it’s illegal in other states. And then players get in a position where they’re traveling with marijuana, and we’re obviously getting into trouble.”

Watch Harrington’s interesting documentary below.


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