Charles Barkley Apologizes for “Unacceptable” Comments Towards Female Reporter

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Barkley made the comments at an event on Tuesday night while discussing the upcoming election.

On Tuesday night, Charles Barkley received backlash for making offensive comments towards Axios reporter Alexi McCammond.

According to McCammond, after members of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign staff entered the room, McCammond noted Barkley had expressed support for both Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick and Buttigieg. According to McCammond, Barkley replied, “I don’t hit women, but if I did I would hit you.” When she objected Barkley replied that she “couldn’t take a joke.”

McCammond went on to post a picture from the event. Subsequently, Barkley issued a statement via Turner Sports’ Public Relations account. “My comment was inappropriate and unacceptable. It was an attempted joke that wasn’t funny at all. There’s no excuse for it and I apologize.”

H/T: Philly Voice

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