Boston bred duo Sonnymoon, made up of Anna and Dane, are drifters on Earth, but their sound  is from another planet.  The duo’s bio alludes to the fact that they are here to fulfill some type of prophecy by combining their masculine and feminine energies.  Using that reference as a guide helps Sonnymoon’s self-titled LP make a lot more sense.

Sonnymoon created a considerable buzz for themselves with their two EP’s Golden Age, and 2012.  The two also gained a following for their covers of Beyonce’s “Yes,” from her solo debut Dangerously In Love, and Drake’s “Houstonlantavegas,” from his mixtape So Far Gone.  What differs with this project is growth and a more cohesive and progressive sound.

A lot of the electronic elements within the production that initially drew people to Sonnymoon are still present, but there is clear progression in their approach. The fusing of Dane's intriguing production and Anna's mesmerizing voice creates an innovative and rare sound; absolutely infectious.

In “Wild Rumpus,” the LP opener, Sonnymoon uses minimal vocals with a blend of electro/atmospheric elements to create an animalistic vibe. “Greatness,” has a very different sound for the duo as it almost trades the atmospheric elements in for an R&B like vibe.  Anna’s voice sounds like effortless perfection on this song as the lyrics pour out of her: “Greatness isn’t perfect even though sometimes it seems that way." “Watersboiled,” is a catchy song with simple lyrics and production that captivates listeners from the very beginning. The song has a tribal overtone mixed with electro-funk, and a bassline that's more go-go than anything else.

Other highlights on the album are “Nothing Thought,” a blend of sombre lyrics with a captivating melody--“Born with nothing, and with nothing I’ll go”--and “Others By”-- production-wise an unusual blend of sounds, but combined with Anna’s vocals an extremely creative and harmonious track.

With their self-titled LP, Sonnymoon have arrived at an extremely creative and organic album from start to finish.  Not only does the duo own the niche that they have established on their EPs, they also break new ground, infusing other elements and genres within the album. Overall, a great listen.

- Erin Duncan