Pep Love

If you’re a fan of prolific Hip-Hop music, you should be familiar with the Hieroglyphics, a collective hailing from Oakland, California. This group includes many notable personalities, including Del the Funky Homosapien, Casual, Torae, Domino, and all of the members of Souls of Mischief. Pep Love, one of the founders of this classic Hip-Hop

collective, recently released his latest solo LP Rigamorale. While he has collaborated with many other artists, including various members of the collective he belongs to, Pep Love shows on Rigamorale that he has the ability to shine and put together a cohesive project as a solo artist.

The influence from Pep Love’s southern upbringing definitely shines through on “Runaway Slaves”, a song which laments and compares the trials and tribulations of slaves with the current injustices that blacks are still forced to face. Being born and raised in Mississippi and relocating to California seemingly aids in the depth and variety

of Pep’s subject matter. It is difficult to peg him as an artist from any one region. The multifaceted topics and style he uses keeps the listener interested.

Some of the stand-out tracks on this release include “I Know This Pain”, “Be”, “Cloudy Days”, and “Bang!” On “I Know This Pain”, Pep Love discusses relationship, money, and employment issues with a little help from a soulful appearance by crooner Chris Rene. LB Select provides some additional commentary about his woes of how addicting the rap game can be. “Reflections” discusses the various fears and difficulties that Pep has faced throughout his life and how they have affected him, both negatively and positively.

2001’s Ascension was released to rave reviews. It seems that Pep is looking for a repeat with this release. None of the albums in his discography are particularly weak releases, but Pep Love really swings for the fences with this one. The production of the album fits

perfectly with the moods that Pep Love evokes throughout. The only issue with Rigamorale is that it takes a little while to pick up.  The later tracks on the album are far more memorable than the earlier ones. With a little more attention to detail and consistency on his albums, Pep Love will undoubtedly continue to pump out music to be remembered.

-Antonio Silas