Benny Sings

Pardon the obvious, but...Benny can sing, and he does it well. From start to finish, Art--the most recent album from the Netherlands native--takes its listener on a journey through the depths of the human heart. The best part about listening? I'm not sure if I'm sipping lemonade on a checkered picnic cloth or making love in a spaceship that's perusing the outer galaxies.

Benny sings out to his listener, connecting smooth phrases of love lost and found that leave any girl swooning with the possibility that Benny did, in fact, release this album specifically for her. Lyrics like "All we see is each other... All we see is love" and "All we do for love, is it worth it? Can we prove its existence?" are just two that had me convinced.

Regardless, Art is truly an album written for the masses. In addition to its smooth love songs, the album also stands out with celebrated dance tunes, including the tracks "Big Brown Eyes" and "Honey Bee". (Shower singers unite!) The album's steady beats and simple lyrical structure offer a little something for everyone, and is something everyone should be listening to. Perhaps his most playful track, "This is a Samba" resonates a clean ba-tat-tat that will get stuck in listeners' heads for a good afternoon, if not a good hour at least.

My only doubt about Benny is that maybe his music is a little too easy to listen to; I found myself drifting a bit far into his dreamy trance. Regardless, the album is a perfect formula for keeping listeners on their toes, through the slow times and the fast. So sing on, Benny, sing on.

-Kalee Olson