Rome Fortune's "WHATCHUWANT" is an Atmospheric Strip Club Anthem [Premiere]
Rome Fortune's "WHATCHUWANT" is an Atmospheric Strip Club Anthem [Premiere]
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Sound Sense: 10 New Artists You Need to Know - November 2017

Lenny Kravitz, Grace Jones, Lauryn Hill, Lion Babe, Thundercat, SZA & More Rock The Afropunk Festival 2015 in Brooklyn, NY. Source: Instagram

Featuring Rome Fortune, yaeji and The Paul Institute's latest signees

As the weather pivots towards cooler, couch-centric dispositions, the wintertime warmth we so passively seek can be found in a radiant roster of fresh frequencies.

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November was characteristically transitional, but this month'sSound Senseis devoted to those that conquered music's increasingly intersectional spaces. ATLien tour du force, Rome Fortune. scored your next night at the strip club, yaejiemerged as 2017's late-blooming house-infused heavyweight, jesserutherford lived out a post-Blond(e)d suburban existence via glimmering, minimalistic trap-scapes, Seattle's Dave B. stepped into sleek and seductive r&b mode, while The Paul Institute delivered on its promise of unearthing Britain's most-forward-minded musicians with the release of new singles from Fabiana Palladino and Ruthven (at the behest of Jai and A.K. Paul.)

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Scroll on a survey of the best new artists of November along with their respective sights, sounds and feels. And make sure to support the sounds you can't shake (read: buy that shit.)


Sounds Like:A jolt of mid-80s boogie equally wired by Paisley Park and Neverland Ranch circuitry.

Feels Like:Busting through the doors of a neon-lit discotheque.

Tastes Like:Dance floor sweat beading down leather pants.

Dave B.

Sounds Like:Sleek and soulful r&b romantics for late-night and early-morning burn.

Feels Like:Waking up with the sun on your cheek.

Tastes Like:Brown liquor and good weed.

Fabiana Palladino

Sounds Like:A spacious purple pop odyssey.

Feels Like:Toasting to the conquests of uncharted brain-spaces.

Tastes Like:Champagne and strawberries dusted with glitter.

Quiet Luke

Sounds Like: Anepic score to the final scene of apsychedelic Spaghetti Western.

Feels Like: Blowing those last puffs of a smoke as the sun sets over your hometown haunts.

Tastes Like:Cigarettes and coffee.

Rome Fortune

Sounds Like:A cerebral and bass-heavy strip club anthem.

Feels Like: Magic City moments on The Mothership.

Tastes Like:Leftovers from the 5am buffet run.


Sounds Like:A necessary and proper funk-fueled update to the seminalPrivate Eyes suite that demands your finest two-step.

Feels Like:Eternal dance floor fodder.

Tastes Like:Good, strong cup coffee.


Sounds Like:The "212" of 2017.

Feels Like:Succombing to a blissful and vibrant house spell.

Tastes Like:Vodka soda watered down from hours of being clutched on the floor.

jesse rutherford

Sounds Like:Suburban schoolyard trap laments.

Feels Like:Smoking your problems away.

Tastes Like:Whatever happens when you mixblunts with metal fronts.

Tom Misch

Sounds Like:John Mayer's most soulful six-string stunts over a simmeringVoodooouttake.

Feels Like:Half-drunk reminiscencesat an empty bar.

Tastes Like: Measured and contemplative sips of aged Scotch.

Layla Hendryx

Sounds Like:Teenage Emotions meetsMagical Mystery Tour.

Feels Like:The pep-talk you give yourself in the mirror before a night of shooting your shot.

Tastes Like:Sheer, unbridled confidence.