Mulatto In N Out Music Video
Mulatto In N Out Music Video
Photo Credit: Todd White

Mulatto's Stylist Todd White On Creating Custom Looks For "In n Out" Video

Mulatto donned Gucci by Dapper Dan and custom pieces by Olá Studio in her new video. 

On Thursday, Mulatto dropped her latest music video to her single, “In n Out” featuring a gamut of custom looks. We're calling it here first, she's turning into a fashion darling.

The track off her RCA debut Queen of Da Souf was one of the catchiest songs on the project. Throughout the clip, it becomes evident that a women’s eye directed it, that credit goes to Roxana Baldovin who captured Mulatto in a tasteful manner.

In the visual, Mulatto is spotted hanging with friends before she heads to a retro-themed diner where she’s met by Miami rappers, the City Girls. The cocky bars she provides throughout the video are biting, but her styling is what takes the mainstage. 

Mulatto In N Out Music Video Photo Credit: Todd White

Todd White, Mulatto’s stylist has previously worked with her on the “Muwop” video, her appearance in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “W.A.P.” visual, and everything in between. On Instagram, he’s garnered a following not just for work on these projects, but he also has an affinity for unique fashion archives. 

White, an Ohio native built a bulk of his portfolio with Megan Thee Stallion when she was on the outskirts of the mainstream rap industry. Over the past six months or so, he’s stepped into the spotlight to tailor Mulatto’s image. He’s transformed her by providing vintage-inspired and playful customizations by buzzy designers. 

“I had so much fun working on this video and staying true to my aesthetic while keeping ‘Latto’s Atlanta style in mind," he shared. White expanded on this and noted he stuck true to himself with his "interpretation of the super sassy carhop server look by Oscar Utiérre." The around the way girl trope was also explored when Mulatto was styled in Missoni.

Mulatto City Girls In N Out Music Video Photo Credit: Todd White

These weren’t the only two designers that were seen in the video, White added that Mulatto wore a Coogie-inspired look by Olá Studio. One of our favorite looks in the visual was the custom Gucci puffed sleeve jacket by Dapper Dan that she wore with denim shorts. He admits once he saw the treatment he “felt this was the perfect time to bring [a] collaboration to life.” White added, “[Dapper Dan's] team was very helpful and allowed me to be hands-on during the creative process for the project.”

“In n Out” was another example of how Todd has been injecting his sharp eye into Mulatto’s image. Her memorable looks are one reason she's consistently staying relevant amongst the sea of female rappers that are garnering attention right now. 

Watch Mulatto’s “In n Out” music video below featuring City Girls.