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Shayan for Okayplayer

The Faces of Roots Picnic 2017: Backstage Portraits by Shayan Asgharnia

The Faces of The 10th Annual Roots Picnic in Philly Source: Photo by Shayan Asgharnia for Okayplayer

A look at this year's festival through the intimate and contemplative lens of Asgharnia

If his ruminations on time spent in Penn's Landing didn't sell it, let it be known that Shayan Asgharnia may be one of our closest and most cherished allies in the beautiful chaos that is Roots Picnic.

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For three years and running, Asgharnia has captured the many shades of genius that have blessed the backstages of Philly's routinely star-studded affair through an intimate and contemplative portrait series. Picnic punims have always been the glowing sort; faces ranging from stoic to elastic, poses ranging from "prom" to "what do I do with my hands?" (see you, Tyler) and even a few lovebirds in warm embrace. This year was perhaps its brightest, most focused showing to date. And Asgharnia's stills pull it all together.

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Flip through the portrait series below and jump back to peep all of the live and behind-the-scenes photos from the 10th annual Roots Picnic. On to the next one.