Paul Rudd "Look at Us" Meme eating spicy chicken
Memes Rule Everything Around Me: Paul Rudd's "Look At Us," Ari Lennox's IG Live & More
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Memes Rule Everything Around Me: Paul Rudd's "Look At Us," Ari Lennox's IG Live & More

We couldn't just choose one of Lennox's brilliant Instagram Live videos.

Another month, another Memes Rule Everything Around Me, where we highlight the best memes that popped up each month. October had some notable ones and, as the title of this post suggests, one of them was Paul Rudd's "Hey, look at us."

It's been on social media since the video it initially came from — Rudd's Hot Ones interview — dropped online on October 17. Toward the end of Rudd's interview with Hot Ones host Sean Evans, the pair decide to blend together multiple hot sauces that they then dip their final cauliflower wing into. It's a sentimental moment that's made all the more better by Rudd and Evans' exchange.

"Hey, look at us," Rudd says, with Evans repeating him.

"Who would've thought," Evans says, with Rudd responding, "Not me."

It's this brief exchange that has since gone viral and used as a response to everything from partners deciding on places to eat to following through with brunch after a wild night.

The interview's final moments has also become a meme. Overwhelmed by mixing the hot sauces together and left in tears, Evans and Rudd decide to improv an emotional scene together, where Evans is distraught that he didn't make a basketball team and Rudd offering him support.

Rudd's "Look at us" meme dominated this month but the internet also gained plenty of joy from the Instagram antics of Ari Lennox.

The talented Shea Butter Baby singer also has great comedic chops, which is evident basically whenever she has an Instagram Live. Just a scroll through the Twitter account "Ari Lennox's IG Live," and you'll see why Lennox's IG Live videos have become so popular.

From trying to open a bottle of wine to recreating Mulan's "Reflection," there are countless moments from the artist's videos that have since gone viral on social media. Some have even become response memes like the one below.

Some of Lennox's live streams even played a part in the creation of her album Shea Butter Baby.

"Apparently, Dreamville had been spying on me all year and recording all of my live streams," she told The Washington Post. The live streams were used to reflect some of the album's themes.

Also, how could we forget about Kylie Jenner's hilarious "rise and shine" meme? The meme is based on an eight-second clip from a YouTube vlog Jenner uploaded on October 10. The clip finds her offering a tour of her Kylie Cosmetic offices before going into a room where her daughter, Stormi Webster, is supposed to be napping. Upon entering the room, Jenner sings the phrase "rise and shine," even though Stormi is already awake and looking around.

The moment birthed a meme, with Jenner being incorporated into scenes from The Voice, and more.

Following the clip going viral, Jenner attempted to trademark "rise and shine," but it turns out someone else already owns the rights to the catchphrase.

In a report from The Blast, a New Jersey businesswoman and single mother named Cathy Beggan is the owner of the trademark. Beggan took issue with the fact that Jenner has already used the phrase "without the legal license or permission to do so and without any offer of compensation," but said she's willing to work something out with Jenner instead of taking her to court.

"If Kylie is willing to sing a jingle for my company, we will consider licensing the phrase to her for use with certain non-competing products, in exchange for a reasonable licensing fee," Beggan said.

Well, there you have it. Yet another roundup of great memes. And as always, peep the honorable mentions below.

"___________ once said"

Ghost's forehead push.

Gradient's "You Look Like"