Memes Rule Everything Around Me: Hannibal Buress’ Hands, Drake’s “Ooo Wow” & More

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Memes Rule Everything Around Me: Hannibal Buress' Hands, Drake's "Ooo Wow" & More
Source: YouTube
Memes Rule Everything Around Me: Hannibal Buress' Hands, Drake's "Ooo Wow" & More

Source: YouTube

And, of course, that Chance The Rapper meme. Yeah, you know the one.

Another month, another edition of Memes Rule Everything Around Me, where we round up the best memes to hit the internet. The past two months Drake has been the star of the series. And this month isn’t any different. But before I get to him, there’s one meme I’d like to acknowledge first that came about toward the end of July — Hannibal Buress‘ hands.

It’s surely one of the more explicit memes that’s ever appeared on the franchise. But it’s still absolutely hilarious. Soundtracked by the score for last year’s indie horror film Hereditary — no, not Midsommar — the scene finds Buress looking forward with his hands raised, each scene blending into another centered on his hands. Finally, as the music hits its climactic high point, Buress clenches his hands.

It all works so well not just because of the caption but because of how bizarre it all is. That the video comes from the absurd Eric Andre Show from Adult Swim only adds to the strangeness.

Needless, just about every iteration of the meme has been used in a sexual context.

Even Buress himself acknowledged the meme.

The comedian has since made merch from the moment, selling regular and long sleeve t-shirts, as well as hoodies that feature a still image of him looking at his hands.

Now, on to Drake. Toronto’s very own has been a part of viral memes that have popped up for the past few months. How can we forget when he said “We created this” following the Toronto Raptors’ game 5 win against the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference finals? Or, his upset outburst upon seeing the Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant escorted off of the court from Game 5 of the NBA Finals after rupturing his Achilles tendon?

This month, Drake is the star of another meme that comes from his appearance in Chris Brown’s “No Guidance” music video. The nine-minute music video ends with a dance battle between Drake and Brown and, well, the OVO leader doesn’t fair well.

But he does steal the show during the scene, a reminder of his time as an actor on Degrassi before becoming a rapper.

“Ooo wow, Chris Brown, dancer extraordinaire,” Drake says as he mimics Brown. From there, it becomes more and more apparent that Drake isn’t going to be the winner of the dance-off. But at least he’s the winner of memes.

Since the video’s release, social media users have cut up the part where Drake says “Ooo wow” as a response to being unimpressed with something.

Drake even got in on the fun, sharing the meme on Instagram and poking fun at either the women he dates or his own choice in women.


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Her: Oh yeah I been before cause one of my guy friends lives out there Me:

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Another popular meme that came about this month is centered around Chance the Rapper, who recently released his debut album The Big Day. The project is primarily centered around the theme of marriage and Chance’s love of his wife. So, it’s fitting that Twitter user @charliewinsmore created a parody track dedicated to, well, Chance loving his wife.

“Let’s be real chance probably should’ve left this song off the album,” the user captioned the track with, which finds them repeating the phrase “I love my wife” which only gets more and more hilarious with every listen.

Chance ended up acknowledging the parody track with a brief tweet, simply writing: “I love my wife igh.”

The tweet isn’t only important because it showed that he was aware of the meme but it reminded fans of how Chance spells his distinct ad-lib. (Chance revealed that he spells it as “igh” in a tweet from 2012.)

Following the viral parody track, Twitter user @nowherealex gave it a pleasant remix.

Well, there you have it. The top memes of the month. And as always, there are some honorable mentions below.

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