Mixtape Monday: jaH-Monte, Vesa Beats, K.A.A.N, GODTET, Eddou XL + More

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jaH-Monte, Vesa Beats, K.A.A.N, GODTET, Eddou XL and more make waves this Mixtape Monday.

jaH-Monte OF MELENATED PEOPLE is up top with SEVENTY-FIFTH & AMSTERDAM SIDE B, Vesa Beats drops Cold Waves, K.A.A.N. makes the cut with Long Time No See, GODTET gives up a new batch of heaters with the release of III and Eddou XL drops a tasty treat for the true heads with the arrival of Refreshments.

Jazzbois & INQ. make magic on Mind Connect, Observe since ‘98 represents Loretta Records with Le Dernier Royaume, Vic Spencer and Sonnyjim are back with HIGHER 3, Nyck Caution drops Anywhere But Here and Tuamie’s Transitions In Writing gets a bump to close out the week.


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jaH-Monte OF MELENATED PEOPLE follows Side A and The Seven Principles beat tape with SEVENTY-FIFTH & AMSTERDAM SIDE B.

Vesa Beats – Cold Waves

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Back with another collection of choice drafts and loops, Vesa Beats follows the Make Haste, But Slowly EP with Cold Waves.


K.A.A.N. – Long Time No See

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One year after the release of Blissful Awareness, K.A.A.N. returns to deliver dizzying bars across the length of Long Time No See.



GODTET Album cover

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Sydney producer Godriguez makes waves in ensemble form again as GODTET with the follow-up to II and Suite titled III.


Eddou XL – Refreshments

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Following No Mistakes In Jazz and Loops DELUXE, Eddou XL is back to quench your thirst for raw production with Refreshments.

Jazzbois x INQ. – Mind Connect

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Graduating from …Blunt and the remix project …Flipped, Jazzbois return to the lineup alongside Aussie duo INQ. with Mind Connect.


Observe since ‘98 – Le Dernier Royaume

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Observe since ‘98 is back with Le Dernier Royaume featuring Ankhlejohn, Jay NiCE, All Hail YT, Midaz the Beast and more.

Vic Spencer x Sonnyjim – Spencer for HIGHER 3

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Serving up the latest in the series, Vic Spencer and Sonnyjim return with Spencer for HIGHER 3 featuring Che Noir, House Shoes, Rome Streetz and more.


Nyck Caution – Anywhere But Here

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Fresh off of the Denzel Curry-assisted single “Bad Day,” Nyck Caution gets introspective on Anywhere But Here featuring Joey Bada$$, Elbee Thrie, GASHI, Kota the Friend and more.

Tuamie – Transitions In Writing

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After closing the year with a loud pack for the beat lovers, Tuamie returns to cap this week’s lineup with Transitions In Writing.


Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard yet. She wants to listen to your music. Follow her on Twitter @karaslamb.

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