ZZK Crowdfunding Image Art
ZZK Crowdfunding Image Art

Help ZZK Records Campaign To Keep Bringing South American Funk To The Global Masses

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Here at OKP, we have no qualms about raising our voice in the name of a fundraising campaign, so long as the purpose is noble and the beat is funky. Both criterions are covered in ZZK Records' new IndieGoGo campaign--a push to keep the Argentinian label afloat and active in its work to release music from the most dynamic musicians working across much of South America.

Named after modern Marxist philosopher Slavoj Žižek (and pronounced zjee-zjekk as well), the label found its beginnings in 2006 at a legendary underground party hosted by Buenos Aires's Zizek Club. Today, and ever since then, its founders Grant C. Dull, Guillermo Canale and Diego Bulacio have striven to revitalize the cumbia music movement, both locally in Argentina and across the globe. And it's paid off--but not so much in the financial sense. Dull and the rest of ZZK are reaching out to willing, generous fans in the hopes of keeping their projects in the black ink and broadcasting even more vibrant, dance-enducing music out of the backroom clubs of Argentina and out into the universe.

There's perhaps no better introduction to ZZK's sonic approach than "Colibria," the most recent release from label-signee Nicola Cruz. Subtle with a "back alley" latin guitar groove, the track coasts on an air of mystery and a perpetually present beat. It's but one of the many excellent projects that have been made possible by ZZK.

Cruz is the first Ecuadorian artist to join ZZK, and if the label reaches its goal his new album will be fully funded, pressed to vinyl and treated to the full spectrum of press photos and music videos that its sound deserves. IndieGoGo page, ZZK posted the following message:

We’ve got our eyes on a hand full of other artists as well. Each one as exciting and talented as the last. ZZK has a proven track record of helping artists make global moves since 2008. We are in a very interesting position to continue shedding light on some of the world’s most exciting arts and culture. We need your help to make this happen.

You can read much more about the label, along with its goals for the IndieGoGo campaign on its website. As with many modern crowdfunding campaigns, donating grants you not only a sense of cumbia benevolence, but will also garner you a poster, album or even guitar. So press play on that Cruz, find a little space in your budget, and support some great music from deep below the equator.