Photo Credit: Marc Fong

Zumbi's Mom Speaks Out About the Lack of Movement with the Investigation Around Her Son's Death

Rapper Stephen "Zumbi" Gaines of Zion I died last August in Berkley after having COVID. His death is still being investigated.

The investigation into Zion I'sStephen “Zumbi” Gaines death has stalled. And now his mother Carolyn Gaines is becoming more vocal. On Wednesday she posted note on Zumbi's Instagram, noting a lack of movement in the criminal investigation of her son's death while claiming that he didn't die from COVID-19 or a heart attack.

“I am dedicated to seeking justice for his killing. My son did not die from COVID. My son did not die from a heart attack. We are waiting for the Berkeley police to complete their homicide investigation. They say their delay is caused by not having a completed coroner’s report. I beg the officials to complete their official duties. I pray that as soon as the Alameda County District Attorney reviews the evidence that they will prosecute Alta Bates, Allied Universal and their employees for killing my beautiful son.”

In August, Zumbi died at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, California as he was recovering from a bout with COVID-19. Following his death, his family alleged that foul play was involved, as Zumbi had gotten into a "physical altercation" with nurses and security officers, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Before his death, Zumbi was pinned to the ground as Lt. Melanie Turner and Berkley police officers were called to the hospital at 5:16 AM on August 15th, 2021. “Officers started handcuffing the involved person and determined that he needed immediate medical assistance," Turner said, also mentioning that police officers on the scene and hospital staff attempted to revive Zumbi. "Unfortunately and sadly he was pronounced deceased on the scene.”

For the past six months, the investigation has been at a standstill throughout the pandemic, with Zumbi's family still not having received answers or justice following his death. The Gaines Family asks that anyone with information about Zumbi's death confidentially contact their attorneys Elizabeth Grossman Elizabeth Grossman of Law Offices of Elizabeth Grossman and Lyn Agre of Glenn Agre Bergman & Fuentes LLP here.