Did YG Lose $60,000 By Performing "FDT"...?

Did YG Lose $60,000 By Performing "FDT"...?

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Photo of YG courtesy of YouTube.

What’s $60 grand to someone like YG? Maybe not as much as you would think.

On Friday night, the Bompton MC headlined the Greenfest Concert, a yearly concert San Diego State University puts on. At that concert, he performed his Still Brazy single “FDT.” This usually isn’t that abnormal, considering that the Nipsey Hussle-featured track has become one of his more well-known songs.

However, this allegedly became a problem for the university. San Diego State students instantly went to to social media, and posted about how YG wasn’t supposed to do that. Allegedly, written in the contract was a stipulation that the rapper could not perform his anti-Donald Drumpf single.

XXL talked to a source close to the rapper and that source told the publication that YG lost out on the money by performing the song. However, Billboard reached out to San Diego State University and they said that the rumor wasn’t true; YG was paid for his performance.

So what’s true? We’re not sure, yet. All we know is that YG is completely unbothered with all of this.

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