YC The Cynic "Negus"

YC The Cynic "Negus"

by shamz
August 21, 2013 1:06 PM

YC The Cynic

The BX’s own YC The Cynic is back with leak #4 off of his upcoming debut LP, GNK. Always one to come through with the right mix of content and creativity, YC stays true to form with his latest, “Negus,” which as he points out is a term meaning “King,” used as a title of the sovereign of Ethiopia. Says YC: “The song is about the empowerment of a united people… It gives a fresh sound and perspective to an old and maybe tired or preachy topic.” Listen, below. GNK will be out August 26th. NYC: Check that GNK release party at SOBs (we’ll be there).

Props to MTV Hive on the premiere

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