YC The Cynic "Murphy's Law"

YC The Cynic "Murphy's Law"

by shamz
August 06, 2013 3:31 PM

YC The Cynic

With the release of his debut LP, GNK, creepin’ up, YC The Cynic dishes out some food for thought with his latest video. With ” Murphy’s Law” YC addresses the idea of de-evolution, in a way only YC can. Go ahead and let that one spin a few times, there’s a lot of truth in the bars (as painful as that truth may be). Just like the rest of GNK, Frank Drake is on the production. Video directed by Oliver Eid. GNK will be out August 26th. NYC: The GNK release party will be going down August 26th at SOBs, hosted by Homeboy Sandman and featuring performances from Soul Khan, Sene, ScienZe, Otis Clapp, and Dao Jones (tickets).

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