Watch As Yasiin Bey Passionately Defends The Artistry & Legacy Of Amy Winehouse

Watch As Yasiin Bey Passionately Reflects On The Artistry & Legacy Of Amy Winehouse

Today, dear friends, is sadly the fourth anniversary of the passing of modern soul giant Amy Winehouse. Many of us, including myself, have countless memories of Winehouse's howl over luscious revamped soul numbers throughout the mid-00s, but the best accounts of her impact have always come from those closest to her. Though our recollection of the powerhouse Brit is clouded with tales of her drug abuse and misplaced love, one Yasiin Bey delivered a rare and quite passionate reflection on his late friend's influence both on the artistic community and those who got swept up in her regal tone. Bey, who appears alongside Questlove and Tony Bennett in the recently released and emotional-to-a-fault documentary Amy as the only musicians on record, explains how Winehouse made us feel above all else and how the joy she brought into our lives will always and forever be her true legacy. You can watch as Yasiin Bey fervently defends the legacy and artistry of the late Amy Winehouse below. Amy is in theaters nationwide so be sure to hit your local big screen, just be sure you're ready for the imminent onslaught of tears.