OKP Premiere: XL Middleton Takes The Funk On-The-Run In New "Bumpin'" Video

OKP Premiere: XL Middleton Is A Funkateer On-The Run In New "Bumpin'" Video

It wasn't too long ago that we had the pleasure of introducing you to the supremely funky ways of producer XL Middleton. His First Look close-up offered pearls of boogie brilliance through an astute lens, well-versed in the culture's history and with a keen eye on where it's going.

If you happened to have peeped that piece, you would have heard the relentless and infectious new cut "Bumpin';" a track the centers itself on the polished synthesizers and bubbly bass grooves of '83 with warm, modern flares. Today we have the pleasure of bringing you a visual accompaniment, finding XL on the run from a pair of P.I.'s dead set on taking out the funk and the man behind the tunes. Sort of a Scooby Doo plot with no meddling kids to save the day, but with the lingering promise that the funk will go on, with or without its current liberators.

You can watch the slap-stick new video for XL Middleton's "Bumpin'" below, just be sure to continue to the sonic journey by copping his stud Tap Water release via MoFunk Records.