Man Who Destroyed Trump's Hollywood Star Is Getting Bailed Out By Person Who Did It In 2016

UPDATE: The man who recently vandalized Trump's Walk of Fame star has been bailed out by someone who also vandalized the star years ago.

After vandalizing Trump's star Austin Clay turned himself into police where he was booked on suspicion of felony vandalism for the incident and was being held on $20,000 bail. Now, James Otis,who previously vandalized the star with a sledgehammer and pickax back in 2016, has been working to bail Clay out, according to The Hill.

Otis was sentenced to three years of probation and 20 days of community service as well as $4,400 in fines for when he vandalized the star.

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Surprise! Los Angeles residents don't like Trump

A man with a pickaxe completely destroyed President Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star on Wednesday morning (July 25th)

A suspect quickly turned himself in to the LAPD.

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A witness who watched what happened told KCAL/KCBS that she saw a man "going to town" on Trump's star. She added "I thought it was work going on over here."

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This isn't the first time someone has gone "to town" on Trump's star. In 2016, an artist put a makeshift wall around Trump's star. In October of that year, someone vandalized the star with a sledgehammer and a pickaxe.

Jonathan Gonzalez, a reporter from NBC Los Angeles, posted a bunch of photos on his Twitter.

Donald Trump hasn't responded (or tweeted) about the incident yet.

Source: CNN