Wati Heru x Kashaka - "BKWYA"

Wati Heru Marauds Brooklyn In A Grim Visual For "BKWYA"

by zo
March 02, 2015 10:35 AM

Wati Heru Maraudes Brooklyn In A Dark Visual For "BKWYA"

Wati Heru and Kashaka return to give us a taste of the darkness with the visual for “BKWYA,” the first single off their forthcoming DYSTOPIA FM project. Whereas our first offering from the BK-based duo tuned us into their more tender and lust-soaked styles, this new joint (seeped in eery sonic minimalism) takes things to the other side of the spectrum, strutting some of that lyrical muscle in a clip that finds him marauding the streets and subway platforms of Brooklyn, just up to no good. You can watch the clip for Wati Heru and Kashaka’s latest cut “BKWYA” below. Stay tuned for new sights and sounds from their DYSTOPIA FM release.

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