Watch The Trailer For "Kicks," A Coming Of Age Story Centered Around Sneaker Culture
Watch The Trailer For "Kicks," A Coming Of Age Story Centered Around Sneaker Culture

Watch The Trailer For "Kicks," A Coming Of Age Story Centered Around Sneaker Culture

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Prior to the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival happening, we wrote about the top films we were most excited to see, one of them being the Justin Tipping-directed film Kicks.

Now, an official trailer for the film has dropped. The short clip centers around Brandon (portrayed by Jahking Guillory), a 15-year-old teen that doesn't seem to have anything going for him until he manages to cop some Jordan 1s (specifically the red and black ones). Suddenly his life takes a turn for the better: his homies are complimenting the fresh kicks and even girls are coming up to him.

Then he literally gets them snatched off his feet.

The rest of the movie follows Brandon as he attempts to get them back with his friends, Albert and Rico, portrayed by Christopher Jordan Wallace (The Notorious B.I.G.'s son) and Christopher Meyer, respectively.

Kicks serves as Tipping's first feature film as a director, which premiered at this year's Tribeca Film Festival under the U.S. Narrative Competition section of the event.

According to an interview with Tribeca, the movie was inspired by a similar experience Tipping had as a teenager.

"It happened in a parking lot in the West Oakland area, before I was about to catch Not Another Teen Movie with some friends. I'd just turned 16 and ordered a new pair of all white-on-white Nike Air Prestos, with my nickname, 'J-Tip,' engraved in them. [Laughs.] I thought I was on top of the world, and my dad had let me borrow his car, so that made me think I was even cooler. There were these two cars parked ahead of me, and this kid jumped out of one right when I walked by, and yelled, 'He's got the Prestos!' I was like, 'Oh, shit—I'm definitely fucked right now.' They surrounded me and gave me a classic beatdown. They stomped me out, but, thankfully, some lady happened to be walking by, so they peaced out pretty quickly."

As one could gain from the trailer Kicks is not just a coming of age story, but one that explores our obsession with material possessions, and the good and bad that comes with it.

Kicks drops in theaters on Sept. 9. Watch the trailer below!

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