Watch Migos Teach A NYU Class On Culture Okayplayer

Watch Migos Teach A NYU Class On How To Become Successful Rappers

Watch Migos Teach NYU Students How To Be Rappers

Photo of Migos courtesy of YouTube.

In late January, Migos taught a class on culture at New York University. The timing was perfect, considering that the trio has just released a chart-topping album titled… Culture.

This was a private class, which allowed those in the audience to ask Quavo and Takeoff — Offset was AWOL — questions about everything from fashion to their creative process to potentially working with former President Barack Obama somehow (probably not going to happen).

One of the things that caught our ear was Quavo saying that he had songs that would make us cry. The rapper told the audience:

“I ain’t gonna put it out, yeah, there is though. Like my mom cried, my grandma cried, stuff like that.”

Yeah, Quavo, we would like to hear that, please.

Kids at NYU pay thousands of dollars in tuition to get some knowledge. You can hear some pretty good game for free, by watching the full talk or a shorter version that a helpful audience member shot.

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