Issa Rae In Hbo's Insecure
Issa Rae In Hbo's Insecure

Watch The Awkwardly Funny Trailer For Issa Rae's New HBO Show

Issa Rae In HBO's Insecure_2

Remember the news about Issa Rae's new show Insecure coming out on HBO this fall? Well, the trailer is finally here.

The network purchased eight episodes of the show so far, and from the looks of the trailer they are most likely going to be purchasing more. Issa Rae burst on to the scene with the wildly popular and influential web series, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. Rae subsequently went on to publish a book of the same name.

The premise of Insecure and the issues the show are sure to deal with, specifically around race and sex, are a breath of fresh air for television audiences. The show follows Issa Rae’s character, which seems to be somewhat of a continuation of J from The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.

Rae works in an outreach program in a school with predominantly P.O.C. students but white teachers. She navigates racial microaggressions from colleagues while getting roasted by students for not being black enough. Top that off with what looks like to be a no good scrub of a boyfriend played by Jay Ellis from BET’s The Game and you got the recipe for a great show.

The trailer opens to a shot of palm trees as Missy Elliott’s bouncy WTF (Where They From) plays. Cut to Rae’s character standing in front of a group of children.

“Why you talking like a white girl?,” a young student asks.

“You caught me, I’m rockin’ black face,” Rae responds with a chuckle and the awkwardness of the situation apparent on her face. A white colleague looks to Rae and whispers, “That’s racist.”

But enough of my lil’ recap. Peep the trailer for Insecure and make sure to check back for updates.