Childish Gambino Assaulted The Future With The "Pharos" Experience
Childish Gambino Assaulted The Future With The "Pharos" Experience

Watch A VR Performance Of Childish Gambino's "Me And Your Mama"

Childish Gambino Assaulted The Future With The "Pharos" Experience

Last night Childish Gambino's website was updated with new merch options in anticipation for his forthcoming third album Awaken, My Love!

Now, the artist has uploaded virtual reality performance footage of "Me and Your Mama" to his PHAROS Earth app. Recorded during his PHAROS concert in Joshua Tree this summer, the clip features Gambino adorned in glow in the dark apparel as he performs in the looming shadow of a giant beast of some sort.

The footage is a sight to see, as you can tilt your phone in all directions to get a better idea of the performance. From looking straight ahead at the stage to see Donald Glover and his accompanying band to looking up above at the celestial atmosphere, PHAROS looks like it was quite the experience, and at least for those of us that were not in attendance we now have this.

Awaken, My Love! drops on December 2. So far we have heard two stellar singles from the upcoming release: "Me and Your Mama" and "Redbone."

One of the more notable items Glover is releasing on the day of the album's drop, is a "virtual reality limited edition vinyl." The product is described as an "11 track album on two 45 RPM heavyweight 12 inch vinyl records." Although this sounds like a standard record release, maybe this virtual reality performance is a hint in regards to what this VR vinyl might be.

The free app (which is available for both iPhone or Android) works best with mobile VR headsets, but users can simply use their phone "as a window into the world of PHAROS," by controlling the direction of the camera with motion control.

Watch the full performance on the app, and if you find yourself wanting more PHAROS, you can read our recap on the intimate event here.