MikeQ's Top 10 Vogue Ball Anthems of All Time

NOLA Vogue: MikeQ's Top 10 Vogue Anthems of All Time

MikeQ's Top 10 Vogue Anthems

As we may have mentioned, Team OKP is bound for the city of New Orleans this weekend, mostly to experience the NOLA Bounce x Vogue ballroom dance clash cotillion that is happening Upstairs At the Wax Museum during Jazz Fest. In order to educate you, the Okayplayer reader, on the styles and contestants in play during the dance off (and let’s be real, mostly to have our own personal soundtrack to our New Orleans road trip) we asked the experts in each respective style to run down the essential tracks associated with each in a Top 10 Bounce/Vogue Anthems of All Time.

Handling the Top 10 Vogue Anthems of All Time is MikeQ, aka the undisputed King of this Vogue shit, DJ-wise. For a second we were crazy enough to ask around for other DJs to select their definitive Vogue tracks and those DJs sent the word back in no uncertain terms that “MikeQ is the only one who’s allowed to do this.” Nuff said. Click true to get his tuff guide to Vogue Ball Anthems:

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