Video: THEESatisfaction "QueenS" [prod. dream hampton]

As teased when they released the audio of their awE-inspiring groove "QueenS," new empresses on the block THEESatisfaction enlisted filmmaker, pilot, activist, veteran journalist and OKP homegirl numero uno dream hampton to create its visual counterpart. And here is the awE-inspiring result. We actually sat down with Stas and Cat of THEESat while they were in town to shoot it and chopped it about about the inspiration of artist Mickalene Thomas and many other things. We'll let you read that shortly (UPDATE: read that now.). But for now just let it wash over you--and now I see why I was not invited to the film shoot, even though I asked nicely. Female divinities only! THEESat's new LP awE NaturalE is out now, cop it on iTunes.