Video Premiere: Behind The Scenes With J.Period And The Brooklyn Nets

Video Premiere: Behind The Scenes With J.Period On The Making Of The Brooklyn Nets' Theme Song

The Roots Holiday Party shot by Mel D. Cole for Villageslum.com
We’ve heard a rumor that hip-hop and basketball pair well together. It’s a good bet that no one knows this better today than Brooklyn’s own prolific DJ J.Period. J has been getting busy for the entire NBA season as the official music curator of the Brooklyn Nets, and now we’ve been treated to some behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the theme song that has kicked off every home game of this season.

The clip from home to hardwood with looks into the Eminem, Biggie, Nate Dogg and Jorge Quintero cuts that Period sampled for the theme. “It’s just really been amazing experience. My two favorite things in the world are music and basketball, so this has been the perfect marriage of those two things,” Period muses at the clips end.

The premiere of tonight’s clip so appropriate given that later tonight KG, Paul Pierce and the rest of the Brooklyn Nets will play their playoff home opener against the Toronto Raptors. Some of the Nets’ success this year has been no doubt been due to the pre-game energy of Period’s track, and we’ve just learned that the game tonight at Barclay’s Center will kick off with a brand new theme song made specifically for the playoffs. We have to imagine that J’s ready to take it above the room to a whole ‘nother level.

Period’s pedigree stretches back to his past work with Q-Tip, John Legend, Nas and a little ol’ band known as The Roots, and his choice selection of music before and during Nets home games has proved over and over that he’s the perfect producer for the job. The man knows how to put in work, and at least musically-speaking the Brooklyn squad is in good hands. But then again, the Raptors have their own hip-hop icon..


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