Video: Nas and Salaam Remi Speak On "Life Is Good": "A Complete Piece of Work"

Salaam Remi knows Nas. For more than a decade now, these dudes have been putting in work in the studio together. Salaam also knows music in a more general sense --having worked with The Fugees, Nelly Furtado and extensively with the late Amy Winehouse. So when the producer throws Life Is Good in a category with Back to Black and The Score, he knows what he's talking about. It sure made Nas less nervous about the highly anticipated LP. Can you believe dude still gets nervous about his tenth studio album? God's son might be a human being after all. Check out a quote from QB's finest after the jump, as well as a video of Salaam sharing his thoughts --plus footage from the Life Is Good listening party.

"The record is definitely one of my more focused records [...] It is a complete piece of work."