Video: Killer Mike Speaks On Art, Blunts, Bibles, Guns, Making Money & The Roots

DJ Green Lantern isn't the only one who's been rocking to that Killer Mike album lately. KnowingMike, you shouldn't be surprised that this interview on Green Lantern's Invasion Radio show deals with more than just R.A.P. Music (and matter of fact more than just rap music). Showing love to his man Fahamu Pecou (who designed the album cover), dropping some knowledge on neo-realism and discussing themes that range from taking his wife to a strip club to the damaging effects of both ignorance and intelligence, Mike once again takes us full circle. Read what he had to say about The Roots after the jump:

I watched The Roots work their audience back. I remember when The Roots' audience used to kind of shimmy up like 'We don't do the Jay-Z.' And then The Roots and Jay worked together like 'Naw, we all black men, this is all hip-hop.' And then those two audiences fused together.