Video: Kendrick Lamar Names His Top 5 Rappers

Kendrick Lamar recently got with radio personality Nessa AKA Ness Nitty (talked to her, I mean he spoke with her) from the Yay Area's Wild 94.9 and in the mix of their conversation, TAFKA K.Dot names his Top 5 dead-or-alive MCs. Three are alive, two are here in spiritual essence and nobody will be shocked to know that 2pac sits atop the number 1 spot. But at least one of the others may surprise you, though all are widely-acknowledged greats. Watch above to get Kendrick's breakdown for each pick and also learn his favorite cartoon and favorite cereal--a side note in which he seems (?) to reveal that the name of his forthcoming album will be, duh, Cartoons & Cereal.