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Video: Justice "ON'N'ON" [NSFW]

In this new Justice vid for “ON’N’ON” director Alexander Courtes takes the groups iconic imagery (planets rising, buffalo skulls, glowing crosses, Queen-era rock fashion, etc.) and with a pretty simple change of attack–ie making the camera fly low over (and through) its subjects, whether on a human or galactic scale, in aerial photography mode–arrives at an eminently watchable psychedelic experience. Warning: there is some MC Escher infinite regression and strobey stuff happening in here that could give you a seizure if you look at it peripherally. Seriously, give this one the side-eye and you take your life in your hands. Apparently there will be a full-on “ON’N’ON” EP featuring remixes from Brodinski, Erol Alkan, Rick Rubin, Tiga and Video Village dropping January 30th. Meanwhile you the song is available as a single on iTunes.

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