Video: John Legend "Extra-Ordinary Tebow" Live on ESPN First Take

We saw the charitable side of John Legendearlier, now things get markedly ridiculous with this post. Yes, you prayed Tebowmania was finally over after Tom Brady put Timmy Terrific over his knee and showed him what a real Quarterback is... but no my friends, it has only just begun. JL was recently a guest on ESPN's first take, and after going head to head with Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith, he treats us to this re-working of his hit "Ordinary People," for this aptly titled parody "Exta-Ordinary Tebow." As much as I can't stand all the Tebowmania, this is pretty funny. If you have no idea what any of this Tim Tebow talk means, consider yourself lucky (go Niners!).

Spotted at HT