Video: Gary Clark, Jr. Live in NYC

Young dog (and OKP holiday jammerGary Clark, Jr. turned out a star-studded affair in New York the other night, presided over by Q-Tip and attended by the likes of Pharrell, Leo DiCaprio, Zoe Saldana and Maxwell, among many others. While I did not personally mix it up with the beautiful people, Okayplayer was represented in the person of the afro-lord AKA El Patrón AKA...well, you'll see him in the video. More important than the beautiful people however was the ugly, dirty, stinking blues GC, Jr. kicked out for the assembled glitterati--a foretaste of his debut LP. That's slated to drop September 11th of this year and it finna be monster. Watch above and stay tuned for more-much more--from this gentleman.