Video Exclusive: Dilla's "We Must Be In Love" Breakdown By DJ Amir

Okayplayer is proud to team up with the Detroit players at Bling47 to bring you this exclusive Dilla month video of master-of-records DJ Amir (of Kon & Amir) pulling sleeves and breaking down the sample of the late-Dilla classic "We Must Be in Love." This final episode of Bling47 Breaks closes out their Dilla month series of exclusives, and it's definitely a special one for everybody involved (not to mention all diehard Jay Dee fans). As Waajeed eloquently puts it:

One winter morning in 2009, I packed up my lights and camera, leaving my beloved Brooklyn to  go to Harlem. Not just Harlem, but Spanish Harlem -- El Barrio. When I got off the train at 110th Street, I could feel the history. It made sense that a record historian like Amir would live there.

We filmed for a couple hours and this was one of the last records he discussed. I don’t know about you but this was definitely a jewel off, The Shining. I would’ve never imagined Dilla to chop this the way he did. SALUTE!! --Jeedo

>>>Watch More (via Bling47)