Video: Danny Brown x Pitchfork TV "Detroit State Of Mind"

Danny Brown takes producer/director Eavvon O'Neal on a tour though the streets (or rather the "house, field, field, abandoned house, field"s) of his youth in this 20 minute mini-doc from PFTV, trekking from the West Side of Detroit, where his family still lives to his new(er) crib in suburban Royal Oak. Among other highlights (musings on J Dilla's influence, discussion of his creative process; "catching lightning in a bottle" etc.), Brown introduces us to the Bruiser Brigade, a "group thing" he's concentrating on now. There's a lot of footage from Brown's performance at Dilla Day Detroit, a lot of weed smoke and a lot of Michigan winter (goddamn I don't miss those) all imported straight from Detroit. Dive in.