Video: Bobby Womack x Lana Del Rey "Dayglo Reflection" + "Deep River" - Okayplayer

Video: Bobby Womack x Lana Del Rey "Dayglo Reflection" + "Deep River"

More signs & wonders from the forthcoming Bobby Womack LP–this time a video (lyrics video? or perhaps hieroglyphics video?) featuring pop music’s love/hate child Lana Del Rey on a duet called “Dayglo Reflection.” The inside-out beat and quiet vocal lets the grain of Womack’s voice show without even trying, an understated performance from the veteran, who can draw on a tower of raspy soul power when called upon. Del Ray’s passages, meanwhile takes the melody to a smoother, glassier plateau, creating a beautiful contrast between their voices–a contrast heightened by a spoken-word sample from Sam Cooke. I’m not sure what’s going on with the soul-chakra diagrams in the video but they do bring out a certain hypnotic new age quality in the simple piano progression that drives the song. Womack’s comeback statement The Bravest Man In The Universe drops via the ubiquitously dope XL records on June 12th (see another clip of Womack singing “Deep River” in an acoustic armchair session, after the jump).

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