Video: Akua Naru "Poetry: How Does It Feel Now???" (Live In Session)

I know our OKP premiere of "Walking the Block" minted some brand-new fans for Akua Naru (not to mention singer/co-conspirator Drea d'Nur) round here, so I thought y'all would be psyched on this next clip from her Live & Aflame Sessions, title "Poetry: How Does It Feel Now?" Especially the lonely hearts among you because in case you missed the intentionally provocative D'Angelo riff in the title, this is particular poem sounds distinctly like hot sex on a platter--and I don't mean the Tribe song. Not sure why this dropping right before Mother's Day because this is clearly pure V-day. But hey, whenever and however you can get it. Poetry, I mean. As a reminder, The Live & Aflame Sessions will be available as a limited edition (400 pieces) EP in gatefold vinyl on May 25th. Pre-order from akuavinyl[at]

spotted at SC