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Vic Mensa Drops New EP “There’s Alot Going On”

Vic Mensa Drops New EP “There’s Alot Going On”

Vic Mensa Drops New EP "There's A lot Going On"

Vic Mensa Drops New EP "There's A lot Going On"

The last project rapper Vic Mensa gave us was 2013’s incredible INNANETAPE, an eclectic and fun release that solidified him as the next exciting artist to come out of Chicago. Then came the singles that, although good, were a drastic shift from what we were introduced to: “Danger“; “U Mad” and “16 Shots” as well as songs that he’s done with other artists (most notably Kanye West‘s “Wolves.”)

Well those songs foreshadowed the tone and style of the Chicago rapper’s latest project, There’s Alot Going On, a seven song EP that’s currently available for free through Respect My Vote. Both “Danger” and “16 Shots” appear on the release, while “U Mad” and other singles Mensa has dropped up to this point (his “No Chill” collaboration with Skrillex), are amiss.

Still, There’s Alot Going On is a challenging listen, as the rapper tackles gun violence, police brutality, the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and his rise to success. “16 Shots” is noticeably poignant, as it ends with Jeffrey Neslund (one of the attorneys for Laquan McDonald‘s family) discussing the tragic moment when McDonald was murdered.

The video shows Laquan walking southbound down the middle of Pulaksi. There are squad cars visible in front of him and also squad cars behind him. The shooter’s squad car is visible as it drives past Laquan. Two officers then exit that vehicle with their guns drawn. At that point, Laquan begins to look away from the officers at a southwest angle toward the sidewalk. When Laquan is about 12 to 15 feet away from the officers, the width of an entire lane of the southbound traffic, one officer begins shooting. Laquan immediately spins to the ground and the video clearly shows that the officer continues to shoot Laquan, multiple times, as he lays in the street. Sixteen seconds pass from the time Laquan hits the ground until the last visible puff of smoke rises from his torso area. An officer then approaches Laquan, stands over him and appears to shout something as he kicks the knife out of his hand.

Along with the EP comes a letter written by Mensa himself, detailing his experiences with depression and overcoming that to incite change throughout the world. “We’re going to need all the help we can get if we’re gonna make things right, cause’ There’s Alot Going On,” the rapper writes. “Keep fighting the good fight.”

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