Sadat X & Will Tell "True Wine Connoisseurs" (Chateau Julien)

Sadat X & Will Tell - "True Wine Connoisseurs" Ep. 4: Chateau Julien

by Eddie "STATS"
February 22, 2013 8:12 PM

Sadat X wine taster

Sadat X and Will Tell combine a wine tasting with a freestyle cipher on this “True Wine Connoisseurs” video (#4 in a series?) dedicated to a bottle of Chateau Julien and full of “merlot on the low”-type rhymes. And at 8pm Friday evening that’s about where we’re at, too. Pop open a Chilean red, throw on some Major Lazer and enjoy the fruity notes of cinnamon and cherry within the bouquet of your weekend. See you Monday.

shouts to ETL

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