Ugly Heroes – “Desperate” [Official Video]

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Ugly Heroes returns with the official video for “Desperate” – a single from their self-titled LP, which dropped in May. The video directed by Brandon Damon is blighted and beautiful against the boom-bap funeral march from Apollo Brown. The track plays with a simple refrain that begs the question, “What are we supposed to do?” – a concern that proves more and more difficult for many people to address as their potential slips away under the weight of harsh circumstances and harder lives with little to no opportunity for growth. The track looks at all of the lifestyles poverty and frustration can lead people to chase. Listening to the verse it seems the hook is something of a rhetorical question as people continue to suffer and it remains abundantly clear that better alternatives are sparse. Ugly Heroes explained the track as follows:

Somewhere between poverty and fame – is the rest of us: Ugly Heroes. We’re regular people doing what we’ve got to do to get by. That might mean working dead-end jobs; it might mean drinking a little too much; it might mean thoughts of petty crime. For many without a rope to hold onto to, without a way out to make that move, we wonder what we’re supposed to do. It’s enough to make you desperate.

Check Ugly Heroes’ video for “Desperate” below. Purchase Ugly Heroes’ self-titled LP via iTunes.

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