U-God Is Suing Fellow Wu-Tang Clan Members For $2.5 Million

U-God Is Suing Fellow Wu-Tang Clan Members For $2.5 Million

U-God Is Suing Fellow Wu-Tang Clan Members For $2.5 Million

U-God is suing his fellow Wu-Tang Clan members for $2.5 million, with the rapper claiming that he has yet to receive any revenue for past contributions.

According to TMZ, filed documents state that U-God has contributed to nearly 200 tracks in over 20 years, however he says he has not received the proper royalties from 12 albums for the past six years.

In addition he claims he has not received his biannual payments for his share of Wu-Tang merchandising profits, nor as he gotten any money from Martin Shkreli‘s infamous $2 million purchase of the one of a kind Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.

U-God has appeared on all of Wu-Tang’s studio albums. Most recently, he is credited as a writer on five songs from 2014’s A Better Tomorrow.

We will see how this affects Wu-Tang’s future releases, considering RZA recently said that the next Wu album would be spearheaded by Ghostface Killah.

A fan called Sway In The Morning, Sway’s show on SiriusXM, to ask RZA if Raekwon and Method Man would be on the next Wu-Tang Clan album. RZA then said that the answer does not lie with him, but with Ghostface.

“You’ve gotta address those questions to Ghostface Killah. He’s taken control over that,” he responded. When Sway asked him to elaborate, he said that Ghostface would be in charge of getting the members together if another group album were to materialize.

“I told Ghost, if y’all want to do it again, let’s put it in his hands,” he said. “He’s been the most prolific, the one that’s really got two feet on the ground in music. Let the best-qualified man go ahead and do the job.”

“His way of doing things, I’m sure everybody will feel it. Ghost only does music – he doesn’t jump over here, and jump over there, and jump over here,” he added.

We will see what materializes with the announcement of this news.

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