Tupac Shakur's Unpublished Prison Essay Sold For $172,725

The Untitled Tupac Shakur Biopic Is Scheduled To Begin Shooting In June 2015 According To Producer Randall Emmett In A Recent Report From Collider.com

The 20 year anniversary of Tupac Shakur's death passed back in September of this year, and with that has come plenty of items auctioned off from the iconic rapper.

From platinum record plaques to an essay written by the man himself, Tupac memorabilia has been selling fast for some noteworthy prices.

Case in point? A letter Tupac Shakur wrote from prison that sold for $172,725 earlier today (Monday).

The letter was written by Tupac to Nina Bradreshwar (the publicist for Deathrow Records and a trusted friend) while he was incarcerated at New York's Clinton Correctional Facility.

Titled "Is Thug Life Dead?" the four page letter finds Tupac addressing rumors around his incarceration in 1995.

"I am sure by this time people are confused. There is no doubt the rumor mill is buzzing," the rapper begins. He then details his journey into what he calls the second stage of his life — "Thug Life."

"I got distracted by my depression and I stayed drunk and weeded to kill the pain," Tupac writes. "I was open to evil because I was not on point I committed the first deadly sin of the game — slippin'!'"

He concludes his letter by saying "Beware of Playa Haters and evil envious 'homiez.' They will bring u harm. It ain't all good my people be aware! Hopefully this will do some of u some good. If it does then I don't sit in jail in vain." He then promises to drop another album, "not 4 me but 4 the homeiz," adding "It will shake the world!"

That promise ultimately came true months after his release, when he dropped what many consider to be the greatest record in his discography, All Eyez On Me.

The whopping selling price of $172,725 jumped off from the early bid price of $11,000. Check out the four page letter here.